The Family Story


     Our family story started several years back when my beloved mother was a nurse in the late 1940's in England. Doctors would have their nurses prepare a formulated ointment to treat and dress our war hero's who suffered from cuts and burns and other major and minor injuries after returning from the war. 

Skin-e-dip is an effective treatment with a simple no nonsense formula.

    Our formula has been perfected over many years by people just like you who provide us their feedback and suggestions and professionals who care. It has been in our family for three generations now and is in constant use for minor skin issues such as eczema, relief of cold sores, skin rashes dry skin and much more.

We simply wouldn't be without it. My dear mother was where it all began. She served in the British Army as a field nurse in the late 40's.

    The pharmacists would prepare this concoction for those that returned from the battlefields. Soldiers that had been wounded, shot, burned or other serious injuries were treated with this concoction to help soothe the pains they suffered. It is an ancient old formula that had been long forgotten. That was the case then and it surfaced again after the birth of my first child when she inherited a terrible affliction. ECZEMA. She was just a few months old and as a new mom I was really concerned.  It was frightening to see her suffer so much with scratching and itching to a point were she would cry. Her wrists, ankles and scalp had dry scaly patches and she was constantly bothered by the itchiness and scratched herself silly until she bled.  


    I didn't feel comfortable with prescription creams at such young an age. So I asked my mother about the ointment she used to make as a nurse in England. My mother remembered this formula and how useful it was on the wounded war hero's she cared for as a field nurse. It was then that we began making it in our kitchen and considered how it would help.. To get measurements just right though she could only remember making it in big batches. That didn't stop us and it is how Skin-e-dip came about.


   We started out with so much ointment we began by sharing it with our family, friends and neighbours.

Mum also came up with its catchy name Skin-E-Dip. The E was reflective of the Vitamin E added to the formula. My daughter received immediate relief from the itch and it stopped her scratching so much we could stop putting socks on her hands at night. Within just a few short days she had healed up and her skin was as soft as a babies bottom again. We knew right away we had a winning product and mom had saved the day and her grand daughters suffering.


My mother's formula has become a family goto and sold at several Flea and farmers Markets in

several Canadian Provinces. The feedback we received from customers persuaded us to go further.

Loyal customers cannot be with out it and we received some very promising stories about its many uses.


We are hoping to hear yours too.

No Dr's Visit or prescription needed here. Were sure you will be happy when you've tried Skin-e-dip.


We have been proud Vendors on both the Southside and Northside Fredericton

Farmers Markets in New Brunswick, in 1998 - 2002.


Recently sold at the Clarenville Farmers Market 2020, Newfoundland, Canada.


Next Stop Christmas at the Glacier Arena, Oct 20th- 24th 2021 Mount Pearl NL. 

Hope to see you all there. 

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